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11 June 2008 @ 01:24 pm
Leap of Faith  
This is exactly why I shouldn't write things that come to my mind at 3 A.M.

"I do hope you're not seriously thinking of jumping from up there, ma'am."

"And if I am? Also, it's miss to you, not ma'am. Ma'am makes me feel old, and you have no right to make me feel old, much less give me unneeded advice from where I should jump."

"Well, I'm just thinking that it would be rather messy, and if I were here to witness it, I'd feel rather responsible, and would have to talk to the hospital and whoever happened to pass by and see the mess."

"This really is none of your business, and if you left, I can assure you that I'd wait until you were out of eyesight or hearing before doing anything that you might consider dangerous."

"But see, now I've made it my business, and if I walk away, I'll always wonder whether or not you actually jumped, and it would haunt me the rest of my natural life. Would you really want to distress a man such as myself with that sort of burden?"

A heavy sigh. "Fine! Take all the fun out of my day, you fun-sucking passerby who has all-together too active an imagination."

A relieved sigh. "Mistress, you have no idea how much lighter my heart and thus my day is knowing that you are no longer in danger."

A rolled eye. "Would you stop it with the titles? If you're going to call me something, at least call me miss. Mistress just sounds...wrong. Unless you're married, in which case I feel terribly sorry for your wife for having to put up with you, and as soon as I get down, I would slap you for flirting with a stranger so."

A surprised blink. "You think I'm flirting with you? Oh mademoiselle, you know nothing! If I were flirting with you, you'd be on the ground now, regardless of how high up you were."

A scornful laugh. "Uh-huh. How many romance novels have you read? Or better yet, how many real women have you dated?"

A deep bow. "I would much prefer it if the lady came down to my level. My oh-so-attractive neck is getting quite the crick from looking up at your radiant beauty."

A swing of the legs. "You're not answering my question. And if I wanted to get down there quickly, I'd have to jump, which you seemed to adamantly protest in the beginning. How quickly you changed your tune!"

"Then I'll just have to stop your momentum myself. Ooof."

"I hope that 'Ooof' wasn't meant to mean I was heavy."

Another deep bow. "But of course not, milady. In my mind, you can be no heavier than the lightest feather on the duck that swims gracefully across the pond."

"...did you just compare me to a duck? Anyways, I'm down now. Urgh, I've completely forgotten why I decided to come down to talk to you. This is pointless. I'm out of whatever danger your overactive imagination perceived me to be in. Can I go now? Unlike some people, I actually have a job and work to do for said job."

A quick kiss to the even more quickly grabbed hand. "You may go if milady promises to keep the memory of her most devoted knight's service in her mind until we can meet again."

A shake of the head. "Were you dropped on your head as a child? Or rather, what drugs have you done today? It's okay, I won't tell anyone. I just need to know what parts of town to avoid to keep from running into you again."

A futile attempt to grasp at the hand again. "I-I'm sorry. It's just that I'd never seen anyone swing with heels on, so I thought you must be a very special woman, and my own self is terribly mediocre."

A stopped step and slow smile. "It's only because I'm too lazy to take them off. Also, I think I might take off multiple layers of skin if I try to take these off. And sand in blisters just doesn't work so well. A mediocre man might be just what my wild, swinging-in-heels self needs. How does coffee, tomorrow at noon, sound?"

A beaming smile. "Yes!" A bow bordering on a curtsy. "Your humble servant will wait for the prescribed hour in which he will be subject to your radiant beauty once again."

A small giggle. "Tell me this, though. How many women has that worked on, so far?"

A nervous glance to the side. "Well, only one."

"And how many women have you tried it on?"

A more confident answer. "Just one."
Jazqui: beautifulbisouspapillon on June 11th, 2008 10:30 pm (UTC)
this reminded me of titanic at first. but this is cute. =]