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20 June 2011 @ 02:48 pm
To Belong  
Title: To Belong
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Hank/Alex
Genre: Smut/Slight Angst/Slight Fluff
Summary: Alex realizes just how much Hank is hurt by his words, and apologizes the best way he knows.
Author Notes: Written for this prompt over at the kink meme, for this prompt: "Alex apologizes for teasing Hank by giving him the messiest blowjob known to man."

One last spray of the fire extinguisher, and Alex finally opens the door of the bunker, shedding the heavy vest with the panel that has made his erratic powers that much easier to control. He sighs and sets it down, running a hand through his hair and wiping away the sweat.

He gets outside just in time to see Hank, fiddling with what looks like a slimmer version of his panel, tilting it in the sunlight and adjusting wires in the back. Alex stops, sighs, then walks the rest of the way out, so that there can be no mistake that Hank will know he's there.

Hank doesn't even look up. "How did the panel feel? I tried adjusting the plasma converters to channel your bursts to be more streamlined, but I'm afraid the weight of the panel still isn't distributed to balance out with your movements."

Alex is too stunned to speak. Even after all he's said to Hank, all the names, all the brush-offs, all the times he's put Hank down just to seem more secure, to try to cement a place in this group, this family that he could actually hope to belong in, where he wouldn't have to hide, to distance himself so he wouldn't have to hurt anyone, Hank is still working nonstop. For him. He wants to reach out, to try to convey how grateful he is to Hank for being so selfless.

Instead he shoves it down. He does reach out to touch Hank, but instead of a gentle touch on the arm, it's to push his head to the side, trying to be playful, but falling just on the wrong side of rough. "Yeah nerd, it worked just fine. And you would know about balance - don't they say the bigger the feet, the better the balance?" He kicks one of Hank's feet, hidden away in his Converse. "You probably have the world's best balance with those clown feet."

Hank silently puts down the disc he'd been working on, slaps away Alex's hand, and stands up. Alex can see the hurt behind Hank's glasses, can see the barb digging just a little too deep into emotions frayed by long nights with no sleep, working for him. He walks off, leaving Alex's hand still outstretched. The words "Hank, wait," are too soft and too late, and Hank is already inside.

Dinner that night is an awkward affair, with Sean babbling about anything he can think of to fill the awkward silence usually filled by amiable conversations. Hank pushes food around on his plate, and Alex alternates between staring sadly at Hank and nodding absently at Sean's comments. Finally dinner is over and everyone sighs with relief. Hank walks out quickly, not looking at anyone. Alex watches him go. Sean just stares at the two of them, confused. Erik and Charles look at each other, knowing. Raven just glares at Alex. "Just apologize. He won't bite, and he deserves more respect than you give him."

The walk down the hall to Hank's lab is the longest he's ever experienced, the moments with his fist hovering above the door even longer. He puts his head on the door instead, speaking into the door.

"Hank? Can you hear me? I…I want to talk to you. I know I haven't been the most supportive, or really even that nice to you, and you deserve better. And I feel really stupid just talking to you through the door, but I respect if you don't even want to talk to me right now. Just. Open up?"

The heartbeats pass, and Alex sighs. Just as he pushes himself off the door, it clicks open. Hank is standing there, eyes unfocused from staring at another project in his dark lab for too long. Alex just stares.

"So. Are you going to just stand there as if you were a mistakenly commissioned statue that we will all regret in the morning, or have I opened my door and interrupted my work for nothing?" Alex has never heard Hank sound this bitter, and it snaps him out of his stupor. It hurts him, as he realizes he is the source of this pain.

The room is strewn with pieces of discarded projects - fabric, metal, wires, and other lab equipment cover the room to the point where Alex can't even find the bed where Hank sleeps. The door closes behind him, and suddenly Hank's presence fills his senses.

"Look, I really do want to apologize. I didn't mean for anything to get this far. Y'know, I've had to distance myself from everyone I knew, so it's weird to have a place to belong. I always feel like I need to fill a position, and you being a nerd and all, and Sean fills the goof-off position, I kinda wanted to see what it would be like to be the cool guy for once." He looks down at his feet; he can't meet Hank's eyes, not just yet.

"You work so hard, and I admire that. You are so much better than I could hope to be."

He hears a sigh as the tension in the room lessens. Hank puts a hand on his shoulder and squeezes. "You don't have to try so hard. We've all got our baggage, and we don't have to carry it alone. We've all felt exiled, like we need to try so hard to fit in. But you shouldn't have to here - here, you can relax." Hank tilts Alex's head up so that he can meet his eyes. "You can just be who you want to be."

Alex stares at Hank a little while longer, and then sighs himself, residual tension rolling off of him. Then he grins, almost smirking. "In that case, I don't think I've apologized enough."

Hank looks a little startled. "It's quite alright, I assure you. You've apologized, and now there is no bad blood between us. I certainly bear you no ill will."

Alex rests his hands on Hank's waist now, drawing him to him. Hank struggles a bit, but stills as Alex rolls his hips, eyes that had cleared during their conversation glazing over again. Alex's smirk grows wider as his hands splay, one moving forward to undo Hank's belt buckle.

He leans forward to kiss Hank slowly, while pushing him back against the nearest wall. Hank's head falls back to hit the wall, his eyes rolling back as Alex dips his hand under Hank's waistband, palming his growing erection. A moan, as Alex pulls down Hank's pants and sinks to his knees, eyeing the reddening flesh before him. A gasp, as Alex breathes over the tip of his dick. A whimper, as his hands scrabble for purchase as a kiss is pressed to the side, followed by a long lick up his length.

Alex stares up at Hank, eyes glittering, before he bows his head to take in as much of Hank as he can. Hank's toes, free of his shoes, clench and unclench, mirroring the fists his hands form in an attempt to control himself. Alex pulls away, an obscene pop as the suction is released, and soothes his hands over Hank's hips.

"Just let go. Here, you can relax." Hank groans as his words are repeated to him, quickly turning into a moan as Alex returns to his mission of wrecking Hank, curling his tongue around the base of his dick before sliding back to take him down, hand gripping the slick position he can't fit in his mouth. The other hand slides down to cup Hank's balls, rubbing his fingers along the soft sac as Hank thrashes.

Alex's cheeks hollow as Hank hits the back of his throat, and he swallows. Hank's arm sweeps across the desk next to them as it flails, sending papers and pens scattering, before resting on Alex's head, gripping blond hair.

"Alex..I…I can't.." Alex doesn't back off but suck harder, tongue circling around the length in his mouth, throat relaxing to take in more of Hank. He pulls off to press a kiss to Hank's tip, just to feel Hank's sac tighten in his hand, the slightest warning before Hank comes across his face. Alex laughs, then leans in to lick Hank clean, even as he smears the come that is not yet dry across Hank's thighs.

Hank is panting hard, face flushed, but there is a light in his eyes that Alex hadn't seen before, a lightness that matches the laugh that tumbles out of Alex's throat as Hank reaches forward to wipe some of himself off of Alex's cheek.

"So, are you done apologizing yet? That was rather convincing."

Alex laughs again as he kisses along Hank's jaw and mouths his response against his lips. "Oh, you haven't seen how sorry I can be. Now, where is your bed, I can't find it under all of this junk."
Bobbers: heart - in snow - cupid arrowrheashan on June 20th, 2011 10:28 pm (UTC)

and where is that bed lol

loved it, very awesome :)
veda_janeveda_jane on June 26th, 2011 01:23 am (UTC)
asdfghjkl; *flail*

Alex gives the best apologies ever. Absolutely brilliant! x
Alessia Nightingale: Hot Damnalessiasrequiem on August 28th, 2011 05:39 am (UTC)
-fans self-
Um, why can't all apologies come in the form of Alex giving sexual favors? I feel like the world would be a better place...
echo_fangirl: charlesecho_fangirl on September 4th, 2011 01:19 pm (UTC)
Alex is a master of apologies!